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lmao i just got off the phone with jordyn and we were so freakin random omg it was the funniest thing ever !she called me around 11 we were like really serious in the begining and like having a good convo then like midnight came around and like we were being stupid so i brought up the rooster incedent 4rm this morning (we got chased by aa rooster going to the bus stop lmao) and then she was like when we drop out of high school and become low lifes we need to make a travaling circus and like lock ppl in until they pay us money and we can unleash our roosters 4rm the ceiling and make them attack ppl lmao omg it was so funny i havent had that much fun on the phone in a while! haha! dang lol well now its like 1 so i need to go to sleep bc i gotta get up @ 6 and go to the freaks house lol yeah so ill write later....
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